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Of time and space: how can mobile operators use real-time geolocation data?
In our new white paper sponsored by SpaceCurve, we explore the value of detailed, multidimensional, real-time geolocation data that has mobile coordinates at the core, and of integrating that data with multiple data sources.
AeroMACS: A common platform for air traffic management applications
In this white paper, "AeroMACS: A common platform for air traffic management applications,"  sponsored by the WiMAX Forum, I  looked at wireless applications that support the ground segment of air traffic management. AeroMACS is the technology that can bring broadband connectivity in airpo...
LTE in unlicensed spectrum and Wi-Fi: Looking beyond coexistence
The first time I heard about LTE in the 5 GHz license-exempt band, my reaction was: “Why do we need it? Wi-Fi works well, it’s cheap, and it’s in every device.”
New report Charting the path to RAN virtualization: C-RAN, fronthaul and HetNets
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Report topics
- Where does RAN virtualization fit in?
- The emergence of a new RAN topology. From distributed RAN to C-RAN and virtualized RAN
- From local to advanced C-RAN. Multiple types of C-RAN to target different environments
- Picking the right C-RAN architecture. Assessment of multiple tradeoffs crucial to successful C-RAN deployments
- The path to virtualization. The role of the RAN within the NFV platform
- Fronthaul, the great enabler of C-RAN and vRAN architectures. A bottleneck or a requirement to meet?
- Fronthaul beyond CPRI. CPRI alternatives attract operators’ attention
- Tradeoffs can ease the way to RAN virtualization. Functional split options to facilitate or enable the transition to C-RAN
- Drivers to a virtualized RAN: cost. Cost dynamics in the short term and in the long term
- Drivers to a virtualized RAN: mobility and interference management. Toward a more efficient use of network resources in densified networks
- Drivers to a virtualized RAN: statistical multiplexing. Leveraging uneven traffic distribution to optimiz
e resource utilization
- Implications: The death of the cell? Moving baseband processing to the cloud erases RAN boundaries

Interviews included in the report:  Airvana, ASOCS, Fujitsu, Radisys, SOLiD, Oi, Orange, Softbank and Telefonica

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