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Sketching the path toward RAN virtualization with ASOCS
At the RAN USA conference in San Francisco at the end of January, Chih-Lin I from China Mobile reminded us ETSI its Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) framework span the entire network, from the core to the RAN. The RAN is an essential part of virtualization efforts to untie functions not only f...
Flash Networks: Increasing spectral efficiency in the RAN by optimizing transmission in the core
Spectral efficiency – and the ability to squeeze out as much value as possible from the RAN assets – can be improved within the RAN, but also from the core. Optimizing the spectral efficiency in the RAN from the core is what Flash Networks solutions strive to do. 
Three UK: Driving network strategy through customer perception.
To subscribers, perception matters more than KPIs. In this conversation with Mony Kochupillai, Head of Network Perception, Three UK, we talked about how Three leverages QoE to optimize the network and improve the service it provides to subscribers. 

Upcoming report to be published on February 17
Getting the best QoE: Trends in traffic management and mobile core optimization

The move to real-time processing and virtualization is widening the opportunities for service and revenue generation, improving QoE by managing mobile traffic more efficiently and optimizing the use of the existing RAN infrastructure. The report will assess how new technologies and solutions are changing the way mobile operators manage traffic leveraging real-time information. Topics include policy, analytics, signaling, management of OTT traffic, load balancing, security, video optimization, NFV, orchestration, impact of encryption on traffic management, interaction with the RAN, Wi-Fi integration.

This report also includes in-depth interviews with Guavus, Viavi Solutions, Ascom Network Testing, Flash Networks, Alepo, Anritsu, Three UK and Telefonica Argentina. 

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