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Yota is busy these days. The first Russian service provider to deploy a mobile WiMAX network, Yota has signed up over 350,000 customers in the six months since its commercial launch in June 2009. It continues to sign up 3,000 customers a day, and is the first service provider to have launched a WiMAX/GSM smartphone. While expanding domestically, Yota has also soft-launched a WiMAX network in Managua, Nicaragua, and is planning for networks in Belarus and Peru.

As a greenfield service provider new to the telecom market, deploying a new technology and a new type of service, Yota’s success is remarkable. The company has avoided the common trend among emerging market operators of focusing on basic fixed broadband connectivity in underserved areas. It is instead offering mobile broadband connectivity in cities where 3G is available, and where wireline broadband, including residential fiber in some areas, is available and cheap.

Usage levels among Yota's customers
We have just published a paper that explores what made Yota’s achievements possible, and what lies at the core of its unique market approach. We looked at the market in which it operates, at how it is building and expanding its network, and at the proposition it offers to its customers in terms of services, devices, content and applications. We also widened the scope to follow Yota’s activities in markets outside Russia and to look at future prospects.


You can download the PDF of the paper here.

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