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As they deploy smart meters, utilities find that one of the main challenges is to transmit the data from the meter to the utility. Wireless technologies, in many cases, offer the most cost-effective and reliable solution.

In this conversation with Fumio Watanabe we learn about the trial that the Japanese operator KDDI is doing with t
he Kyushu Electric Power Company, using UQ's network, WiMAX is uniquely well placed to meet the utility's requirements to reliably connect to millions of homes and businesses, and it provides a more cost-effective solution to both operator and utility than would cellular or proprietary fixed-wireless technologies.

The trial started in 2012 and now includes many smart meters. Commercial deployment will replace all legacy meters with smart meters by 2023.
The conversation with Fumio Watanabe at KDDI was sponsored by the WiMAX Forum. You can download it here.

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