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Taming traffic spikes at the edge for better customer experience. A conversation with John Reister, VP of Marketing and Product Management, Vasona Networks

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Data traffic is typically very spiky. Even during congestion periods, wireless networks transmission alternates between spikes and valleys and this limit the efficient utilization of the available resources. We talked to John Reister, VP of Marketing and Product Management, Vasona Networks, about how mobile operators can take control of the spikiness and manage traffic to optimize RAN utilization.

John pointed out how the uneven traffic distribution in time affects the subscriber QoE: “You generally don’t have this continuous peak hour where the network is 100% slammed, utilized through that entire time. You get these spikes that go up, and during those spikes the packets back up in the RAN and the queues fill up. Packets get dropped, and that is where the latency goes up and the experience really deteriorates.”

Building more capacity is an expensive way to address this problem, as John pointed out: “It is a shame to have to spend all that money to build more capacity on a network when your utilization is really only 15% or 20% or 25%.”

Read our conversation to see how Vasona’s solution allows mobile operators to manage traffic flows from the network edge to deliver a higher QoE. This interview is part of our upcoming report “The smart RAN. Trends in the optimization of spectrum and network resource utilization.”  

We will discuss the report findings on a webinar, live on Thursday, November 12, 2015 11:00am PST, 1:00pm CST, 2:00pm EST, 7:00pm GMT, 8:00pm CET, or offline afterwards.

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