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Network optimization at the edge. A conversation with Jeff Sharpe, Senior Product Manager, Network & Communications, ADLINK Technology
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Network virtualization adds flexibility and scalability to networks, and enables operators to use network resources more efficiently. The ability to move network functions to the edge is a crucial element in optimizing network performance. Location of network function becomes more relevant in a virtualized network. 

In this conversation, Jeff Sharpe, Senior Product Manager, Network and Communications at ADLINK Technology, shares his views on what is required to enable network functionality to move to the edge and what are the benefits.  

The edge has become more prominent, as we get a better understanding of the implication of virtualization. Jeff told us: “We initially thought that we'll put everything in the cloud and we'll all be perfect. But the latency increases and there backhaul network introduces delays. Also, the cloud may not have the horsepower to host the amount of appliances that are going to be attached to the network. That's where the critical part of edge comes into play.”

Download the interview or watch the video

Download the slides or watch the recorded webinar discussing the report “Power at the edge. Processing and storage move from the central core to the network edge.” The webinar includes a discussion on MEC/edge computing in converged networks with Mansoor Hanif, BT. 

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