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Tying in geographic information to make networks smarter. A conversation with Kyle Ownbey, Product Manager at TEMS GeoBase, InfoVista

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Analytics is very hot topic right now, as operators get more and more comfortable with using the information they collect from their network through analytics, machine learning and AI. These tools give them valuable access to data they traditionally had no choice but to ignore because the volumes are so huge.

I talked to Kyle Ownbey, Product Manager of TEMS GeoBase at InfoVista, about how analytics allows mobile operators to pull together all the data they from various sources and use it to make smarter decisions faster. 

“When you start using analytics, the two things you recognize quickly are, one, how smart the decisions are, and two, how fast they come. It doesn’t take months to get a decision. It takes seconds,” Kyle said.

And it is an incremental process: “What we find is that the more data we put into this system, the smarter it gets,” Kyle added.

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