Market research, financial analysis and consulting on wireless technologies and services
We do not use a cookie-cutter approach or impose a rigid methodology on the complex realities of building or maintaining a profitable business or of developing and marketing new technologies. Our first goal is to understand what is special about each client's needs. We structure our work around these needs, using the framework and tools that best fit the task. We have the flexibility, and intellectual curiosity the breadth of experience to chart the approach the client finds most comfortable. Our clients rely on our solid, timely, actionable advice and deliverables, which are based on a deep understanding of the industry and not on the latest hype cycle.
We help vendors assess the performance potential and market size of emerging technologies, how new technologies will coexist with existing ones, and how they can be leveraged to develop new products. We give vendors a better understanding of the service provider, enterprise, public and end-user markets. We also support vendors' marketing efforts with the preparation of white papers, case studies, and other marketing materials, and by participating in webinars, seminars, and meetings with customers.
We guide service providers in refining their wireless data strategy by providing them with insight into the demand for wireless services in the consumer and business markets and the demand for vertical applications. We support them in developing realistic, accurate financial plans, assessing the viability of different business models, and evaluating and selecting vendors.

We help enterprises and public agencies assess their wireless telecommunications needs and identify the technologies, solutions, vendors, and partners that are best suited to their requirements. In collaboration with our clients, we plan and manage RFP and other procurement processes, leading to vendor selection and contract negotiation.

We support regulators in their efforts to identify the need for and impact of regulation in their own market and in other markets, and to develop effective regulatory frameworks.
We provide industry associations with strategic advice on how to maximize their impact, and with tools to help them articulate their message.

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